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13 Tips for getting out of your comfort zone

*wrote this as a self-help submission on a friend’s blog. Will be published soon, I hope it helps someone.

13 Tips for getting out of your comfort zone

“A ship in a harbor is safe, but that’s not what ships are built for.”

Comfort zones are mental barricades that provide a sense of safety.  They are developed and sustained by gradually limiting ourselves based on our perceptions about our abilities, potential, power, and our sometimes false or misguided ideologies of the “possible” or “rational”.

The comfort zone can be thought of, metaphorically, as a bubble that shrinks or expands based on three factors:




As time progresses, we go through a countless number of experiences that give us the opportunity to either shape our fears, face our fears, or break our fears.  Our fears hold authority over us because everything we choose to do or not do is based upon a fear that we will either fail miserably, or succeed significantly.

Nobody wants to fail miserably, but who would be afraid of succeeding?  Oftentimes, it is not the success that people are afraid of, but rather, the anxiety that comes during the process of completing something that may lead to success.  Take a perfectionist like myself for example: I often procrastinate with the excuse that whatever I’m working on is not “good enough”. The reality may be that I’m finished, but I’m anxious about how others will perceive the finished product.  Will they realize and applaud the effort and creativity that went into my product or will they overlook it as if it never existed?

It’s natural to be uncomfortable about situations where the outcome is unpredictable.  Whether you fear success or fear failure you must not let that fear paralyze you into immobility/inactivity.  Progress must be made.

One good way to make progress is by doing something that is completely new to you or stepping outside of your bubble or comfort zone. Experiencing new things can help you increase your creativity, enhance your awareness of yourself and your surroundings, and these are all key skills in succeeding in your professional career as well as your personal life. Try to do something you would usually be uncomfortable with doing, or something out of the ordinary for yourself. Try to do these things often, maybe once a day for an entire month and document your experiences.

Here are some thoughts to be cognizant of when stepping outside of your comfort zone:

1.      Be courageous: You might be afraid, but do it anyway.

2.      Become fascinated by what you don’t understand rather than fearful of it.

3.      Chart your progress.

4.      Concentrate on your strengths to achieve your goals.

5.      Do not let your fear and doubts become your limits and walls.

6.      Forget fear.

7.      Learn more about yourself as an individual.

8.      Life is a culmination of experiences, collect as many as you can.

9.      Never waste time.

10.  Take advantage of life’s opportunities as they are presented.

11.  Take calculated risks.

12.  Test your boundaries in order to grow.

13.  Understand who you are in order to realize your purpose.

“The more fears you face the more you will grow.”

Leave some ways you step out of your comfort zone in the comments:

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"Be great. Get off your ass and do something that matters. Don’t sit around and be lazy.
Change the world.
Make your own money, don’t be satisfied living off of employers or sponsors."


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random motivation

I love to motivate people and lately a great deal of people that I don’t know personally have been telling me that I motivate them. Thanks to social networking and its infinite connections, people whom I’ve never met are impressed by my words, actions, and life (which I am not at all impressed with). I believe that inspiration is all around us, and you don’t have to look far to find it.

Everyone can be great but everyone is not willing to do what it takes. Some people don’t know what it takes to be great, and some people are not willing to find out. Some people are scared to do something different, and for that reason they will forever be stuck in the same place. Stagnant, wondering why their lives are so bland.

I want to continue to motivate people, sharing my thoughts, because words are very powerful and lately I’ve been bombarded with lots of thoughts that I feel I need to share.

My goal is to impact as many people’s lives in a positive way as possible. One at a time.

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college is almost over …education continues

Haven’t posted anything on this site in a long time. Wondering if I should delete it..

I graduate May 12th, 2012 at 8AM.. Then I will have the 80,000 dollar almighty Bachelor’s of Science degree in Mathematics whose value is constantly decreasing. The degree guarantees nothing. 

But I now have one more tool in my toolbox… to make me more “marketable”.

Unfortunately, most colleges teach people how to get up and learn how to work for others while earning an average salary instead of creating jobs, creating wealth, and creating opportunities for others.

I know that is is nearly impossible to create wealth for yourself by working for someone else. However, if you can create something that “works” for everyone, you can become wealthy, while helping others in the process. [Now I just need to figure out how to do this…]

In this world you are either a consumer or a creator..

This note is really just reminder to myself… to continue to educate yourself, always try and create opportunities for others, and find a way to positively impact people. Don’t just be another employee, another gear in the American machine. Make an impact.

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